Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Recent Appointments

6-26 Jun09
Recent Appointments

Friday 5 June, 6-8.30pm
Clare Charnley, Conway and Young, Alan Dunn, Harold Offeh and Rory Macbeth.

This work by new lecturers at Leeds Met gives a glimpse of the other half of the exchange taking place between students and staff. Recent Appointments makes public what six ‘artists who teach’ do when they are outside the lecture theatre, the studios and the canteen.

Showing alongside the graduating students’ final exhibitions at Leeds Met Recent Appointments includes the launch of Alan Dunn's new audio CD project inspired by The Beatles' 1968 collage 'Revolution 9' and new participatory work by designers Conway + Young. Harold Offeh presents a small selection of recent video and performance work. Also working with video, Clare Charnley and collaborators attempt the ridiculous task of fitting two bodies into one. We see the results of Rory Macbeth’s translation of a Kafka novel from German into English without a dictionary or any knowledge of German. And there might be a boat…

To coincide with the graduate Arts Festival the Gallery will be open Mon-Sat 11am-4pm plus Sunday 7 May.

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