Wednesday, 24 June 2009


As part of the exhibition at the Leeds Met Gallery we asked visitors to choose one of the empty spaces and write a proposal for how they would use the space if it was temporarily theirs, here are some of the suggestions…

Empty Shop 06: Boar Lane
A roller disco venue.

Empty Shop 57: Mill Hill
A place where you can find others to sing with

Empty Shop 42: Kirkgate
Instead of a titty bar, lets have a witty bar

Empty Shop 72: Regent Street
This shop would allow you to borrow books on the trust that you will return them to allow others to enjoy them

Empty Shop 39: Infirmary Street
‘Bring your own’ lunch restaurant for city centre office workers to get away from their desks during the week

Empty Shop 66: North Street
a language shop; teach some of your first or second language in an exchange for someone else's

Empty Shop 29: East Parade
A public ‘living room’ – a home from home walk in living room – clean sofa’s etc


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  2. The No.42 'witty' bar is a fantastic suggestion as it leaves so much to the imagination. I would most certainly visit it.

    Shop 66 actually exists in Bradford by the way if anyone's interested, they have 'Film & Food Language Exchange' nights monthly, here's a link..